Data Protection & IT and Telecoms

Data Protection & IT and Telecoms

Within the scope of the developing personal data protection legislation, we provide a quality and comprehensive service to our domestic and international clients within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.

In this context, our clients;
  • Creation of personal data processing inventory,
  • Revision of contracts within the scope of personal data protection, 
  • Providing consultancy services regarding data security,
  • Creating texts such as “Privacy Policy” / “Cookies Policy” / “Cybersecurity Policy”, 
  • Evaluation of compliance with the law in the transfer of personal data in the country and abroad, and preparation of data transfer agreements within this framework,
  • Informing and training company employees within the scope of personal data protection legislation, 
  • Carrying out the necessary procedures before the Personal Data Protection Authority and providing legal consultancy services regarding the administrative procedures, 
  • Execution of civil cases, criminal cases and administrative cases against violations of rights on personal data,
  • Providing consultancy services in the field of cyber security and cybercrimes and providing litigation services, 
  • Providing consultancy services on data management, data destruction and anonymization procedures in order to ensure protection within the scope of personal data protection legislation.

At the same time, our expert team working within the scope of Information and Communication Technologies provides comprehensive consultancy services to our clients in the fields of internet law and social media law, telecommunications law, e-commerce law, cybercrime, and payment systems law.


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