With our Labor Law attorneys, we provide comprehensive consultancy, process management and litigation services to our client companies on individual labor law, collective labor law, social security and occupational safety. We provide guidance and consultancy services to ensure that the internal management structures of the company comply with the labor law legislation. Reviewing the company’s human resources policy, preparation of employment contracts, trade secret and confidentiality agreements and compliance with the legislation, preparation of contracts regarding non-competition are the main subjects we provide services to our client companies.

In addition to these, our services in the field of Labor Law cover the following subjects:

  • Representing our clients in labor law disputes,
  • Providing legal consultancy services on the execution of the termination procedure,
  • Preparing the resolutions of the board of directors regarding workplace change, department or position closure and managing the process,
  • Providing consultancy on compliance with the legislation on occupational health and safety,
  • Providing consultancy on the work permit of foreigners,
  • Providing consultancy on the management of termination processes in individual and collective labor agreements,
  • Preparation of documents such as termination protocols, defense request, written warning notices,
  • Direct management of the settlement process and other alternative dispute resolution methods in employee-employer disputes,
  • Follow-up of reemployment, service determination, labor claims, mobbing, pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensation and recourse lawsuits arising from work accidents,
  • Following all kinds of lawsuits and mediation processes arising from employee and employer disputes,
  • Follow-up of discrimination and bad faith compensation cases.


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