Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate Law is a branch of law within the scope of Civil Law and includes the rules of law envisaged for immovables such as houses, land, apartments, flats. Due to the complex nature of Real Estate Law, it is extremely important to get support from lawyers who are experts in real estate law, in legal disputes arising within this scope.

We serve our domestic and foreign clients with our expert staff mainly on the following cases: real estate purchase and sale, establishment of limited real rights, construction agreement in return for flat, preliminary contract for real estate sale, action for restitution, possessory actions, elimination of joint ownership, determination of rental price and action for evacuation, deed cancellation and registration cases.

Our real estate lawyers provide legal consultancy and services for all kinds of permits and licenses, including administrative requirements such as property and planning, zoning planning, expropriation, environmental or construction law to investors, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, joint venture companies and funders.

In addition, we provide consultancy service to our clients in the field of Real Estate Law during:

  • Acquisition of property by foreigners,
  • Representation of the parties in cases of annulment of disposition,  
  • Managing real estate financing processes,
  • Commercial leasing contract and negotiation.


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