Enforcement and Bakruptcy Law

Enforcement and Bakruptcy Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law is the branch of law that provides forcibly collecting the receivables of the creditors against the debtors who do not fulfill their debts and obligations on time and with their consent. Within the scope of this field of law, as Aktay Law Firm, we help local and international companies and real persons to collect their receivables quickly.

When it comes to our clients’ receivables, following up these receivables, performing enforcement proceedings and foreclosures for the collection of receivables; When it comes to debts, we provide services to our clients at all stages of the process in applying all kinds of legal remedies in enforcement and bankruptcy law (postponement complaint, objection, suspension of proceedings, cancellation of proceedings, cancellation of payment order, etc.) in order to protect their rights.

Enforcement of court orders or documents in the nature of a judgment obtained in the legal processes followed, initiation of enforcement proceedings specific to bills of exchange for the collection of all kinds of valuable documents (cheques, promissory notes, etc.), conversion of movable and immovable pledges into money, provisional attachment and provisional injunction decisions. We carry out our work with our lawyers who are experts in the field of enforcement and bankruptcy law.

In addition, our legal services include representing clients before judicial bodies in cases related to enforcement and bankruptcy law, such as the action for the annulment of the objection, the action for the annulment of the objection, the negative clearance action, the restitution lawsuit, the bankruptcy lawsuit, and the follow-up of the process.


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